In 2016 we set up our legal services franchise in England and Wales. We offer an innovative new way to practice law, which breaks down many of financial and regulatory issues that lawyers are facing in the current market.


We are looking for individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional skills in their practice area and those who are ready to make a commitment to being a part of our ethical business.


Are you tired of working long hours and billing significant amounts, without seeing the career development or the increased financial benefit from your hard work? If you would the like independence, freedom and the opportunity to see better financial returns, then becoming a director of your own franchise may be for you.


We know that running a successful law firm means high costs, back office overheads and time consuming regulatory compliance tasks. This deters many successful individuals from setting up on their own, however this is where our franchise framework comes in.


We provide the opportunity to develop your practice and focus on the law, without the risks associated with setting up your own firm. We provide the regulatory and business framework for you to develop a successful legal business, focusing on practicing law rather than running a business.